Holidays Box is an Out of the Box Ventures company. With presence in over 73 countries, we offer unique holidays to the young and energetic looking to travel around the world. If you are looking to not just visit but explore a destination, we are the people for you.

At Holidays Box we value our commitment to giving you an unparalleled travel experience so that you can always expand your horizons and the size of your passport!


Our Story


Like every modern day venture, Holidays Box happened by chance. When two enterprising minds chat over a cup of coffee in Lavasa, something interesting had to happen. Cribbing about how problematic holidaying was, especially to some unique destinations, the idea popped. Why not have a company that facilitates travel to some of the unexplored and new destinations globally!


HolidaysBox com is a venture of two female entrepreneurs with an addiction to travelling. Our team comprises of some highly experience travel professionals and some really creative tour designers who work with you to give you a custom experience with travelling each time.

So don’t wait for your next trip, open up the Holidays Box!!

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